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Due Date: by noon on 11/01/2017

For your second cultural blog post I want you to research one British propaganda poster from the war. To do this you will need to pick one of the following posters to write about. Each poster can only be done once, so choose early if you want your pick. To complete this post, please do the following:

Choose one of the posters listed below to research and write about. Once you decide, email me your choice and I will add your name next to the poster.

Go Through Your Wardrobe: Tiffany

See How Your Salvage Helps a Bomber: Sidney

Bones are Still Needed: Zunara

Potatoes – Feed Without Fattening: Arggelys

Don’t Do It, Mother: Nia

Women Wanted for Evacuation Service: Fahmida

Keep Mum – She’s Not so Dumb: Claudia

She Talked…This Happened: Isa

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases: Saima

Here Comes the Bride: Deen

Dig for Victory: Saudia

Tell Them to Make It a War Savings Christmas: Gobind

Because of the subject matter, I expect that your research will come from scholarly sources, museum websites (namely the Imperial War Museum),  historically-focused blog posts, and newspaper / magazine articles. Be sure to cite your sources in your post. Your response should be at least 500 words in length and include an image of the featured poster. Again, feel free to be creative here.

Your post should include the basic details about the poster as found at the Imperial War Museum links provided and discuss why the aesthetics of the poster may have been persuasive. But you should also use some of the questions below to guide your research:

  1. What government ministry or department published the poster? Research the department and find out what they did during the war.
  2. Who created the poster? What can you find out about the artist? (This information is not always available.)
  3. Does the poster belong to a larger series? If so, tell us about it. Include pictures.
  4. What year was the poster created?
  5. For what specific audience do you think the poster was intended?
  6. Why was there a need for this specific poster?
  7. Is there a historical context around the poster (i.e. child evacuations, scrap collecting)? What can you find out about this?
  8. Do you think this poster would have been effective?

Remember to choose the “Poster” Category on the RHS of the screen. Also, be sure to choose an appropriate featured image so that we keep the aesthetics of our class site top notch.

Your final score for this blog will be determined by your ability to follow the above directions, the quality of the research, and the quality of writing/aesthetics of the post.

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