Propaganda Project

Propaganda Project Instructions

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Due Dates     
  • Project Proposal: Due October 18, 2017 (emailed to me)
  • Final Project: Due December 6, 2017
  • Comic Book: Nia, Tiffany, Saudia
  • Poster Series: Fahmida, Isa, Gobind
  • Radio Play / News Program: Claudia, Deen, Sidney
  • Documentary: Zunara, Saima, Helly

Each group will be required to work together to create a multi-media project that articulates British WWII propaganda messaging. Please note that even the Poster Series and Comic Book must include some sort of multi-media element (be it sound, animation, voice-over etc.) The sky is the limit on the types of digital technologies you can use. (Below you will find a list of apps / programs that will assist you with this.) The goal of this assignment is for you to show your knowledge of class material by means of a creative outlet. Your final project will be uploaded to the class website. You will present these projects to the class (and potentially members of the faculty) on the final day of the course.

This project is made up of several smaller steps. I recommend that your groups communicate and meet regularly to push your projects forward. I will provide class time for you to meet as well.

  • September 27: Groups meet and exchange information
  • October 18: Project proposal is due
  • November 15: Group project meeting in class
  • December 6: Project Presentations

For the Project Proposal, you will be expected to email one document for the entire group using standard paper format for this class (Word, TNR, 12pt., double-spaced). In this proposal, you should include the following: 1) Your group member names, 2) A detailed plan of your project, 3) What software and technological tools you will be using, 4) Who will be doing what on the project, 5) Questions or help you might need from me.

Possible Project Tools

 You may find some of the below apps, software, and tools helpful, but please be aware that you are NOT limited to just these. This is just to get you started. I am not familiar with all of these, so you may have to spend some time researching and exploring.

  • Sound: Garageband, AudioCopy, Audacity
  • Film: Adobe Premiere, iMovie, StoreHouse, TouchCast
  • Publishing: Scalar (online), Omeka, WordPress
  • Posters: Piktochart, Canva, TouchCast
  • Radio Play Editing: Hokusai
  • Comics: BitStrips, Pixton


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