See How Your Salvage Helps a Bomber

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During World War II, for British citizens, the bombing from aircrafts were the best strategic method at its time and somewhat still of today. They construct so much damage without putting the opposing side in danger while creating damage to their opponents. Within this poster, it encourages those who see this poster to note the things they need to recycle in order to help build bombers that would help defend them. Its very detailed as to what each salvage piece is used for and where exactly it is located on the bomber. Also, on the poster, the bomber itself is camouflaged, aiding to it being almost invisible from the ground when looking up at it during war.   For example; scrap metal is a necessity to constructing a bomb, machineguns, cannons, cannon shells, aero-engines, radio and other instruments. Waste paper is needed for engine gasket washers, bomb interior container cartridge wads, radio insulation and laminated sheets. Also that same waste paper, jointed, is used in one ton for every mile concrete runway. As for waste rubber, its used for primarily its tires for landing, self-sealing tanks, collapsible rubber Dinghy, radio, instrument insulation, oxygen mask, and life-saving jackets. Last but not least, bones, which are the used for the explosives being that it consists of glycerin.

The department that published this poster was Ministry of Supply and Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. During the war, Ministry of Supply, also known as, MoS, was a department of the UK government formed in the year 1939 to co-ordinate the supply of equipment to all three of British armed forces. They also took over all army research establishments in the year 1939. As for the creator of the poster, he or she is unknown. This poster in fact belongs to a larger series, that consist of numerous of different posters that aren’t just about machinery. Some are about gaining jobs, government appeal to women, and how much does a cold cost?

 This poster consist of getting a job in brick making and not only is it a job, but its steady, which a lot of jobs then weren’t.

Ministry of Labour and National Service Government appeal to women that every available woman in Britain will have to serve to win this war. Members work side by side with men in the Army and also take over vital work which releases men for front-line training.

The health of people are forgotten about, but the days of work are the concern being that it costs the country 40 million days , which means less work is being done and they need more work being done than sicknesses  occurring.

As for “See How The Salvage Help Bombers” poster, it was created in 1939-1945, similar to that of the other posters from the same department. This poster was intended for those who were citizens, citizens aided to the making of bombers. This poster was needed for the increase in bombers, the more salvage items that were needed, the more bombers could be produced. As for historical context, there is scrap collecting that labels each salvage piece that’s needed for that part of the bomber. This poster had to definitely be effective being that it not only told citizens what they should recycle to help build a bomber but it locates exactly on the bomber the salvage pieces will be positioned and used for. In addition, if I were a citizen during ww2 and seen this poster, I would quickly start taking action in recycling the material needed exactly for the bombers due to it aiding in war. Ill also encourage those that I know to recycle those materials or even go out looking for them because the more the better, the more bombers and the increase of safety of our lives.




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  1. From your research, can you explain why citizens had to participate in the building of bombers through saving during WWII? Was this saving actually helpful in the end? Also, I don’t think those posters are from the same series as they were made by difference government departments.

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