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Cheese Frizzles

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For this assignment I choose to make cheese frizzles, because I had to be honest with myself and without my significant other around I am hardly a decent cook. Basically, I chose cheese frizzles because it seemed simple, quick and seemed to be made in small dosages. The reason I picked a recipe that was made in small portions was because I imagined thatpeople/countries affected by food shortages had to make due with smaller meat, as well as, portion sizes. In lieu of this, I quickly realized how fortunate we are to be able to make larger serving sizes and even have things such as leftovers (a luxury that probably was an issue for someone who was not in the upper class back then).

The Recipe

Cheese Frizzles

2 Tablespoons medium or coarse oatmeal.

1 Tablespoon flour.

2 Tablespoons grated cheese.

1 Teaspoon baking powder.

Salt and pepper.

A little water to mix.

Fat for frying.

Preparation and Cooking

  1. Method, Mix all dry ingredients together with the exception of the baking powder.
  2. Add enough cold water to mix into a stiff batter.
  3. Just before using add the baking powder.
  4. Melt a little fat in a frying pan and when smoking hot drop spoonfuls of the mixture into hot fat.
  5. Fry till golden brown on both sides.

The End Result

The Taste

I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be as far as tasting was concerned, but the aroma provided by this dish  was pretty amazing. While being hesitant, I just had to try it and see how food tasted back then. So I did try it and it was actually pretty delicious, it was a  little saltier than I prefer my food, but tasty nonetheless. As for texture, man oh man! This dish was the perfect combination of flaky and crispiness! My only true gripe with it wasthat I didn’t make enough and I was immediately hungry again afterwards. I might just add this recipe to the few things I actually do know how to cook.

Final Thoughts

This assignment was definitely interesting and unique. Never had I thought of how people in a different era ate, even more-so within a time that war was occurring. Thinking back at it now we are definitely blessed to be able to cook and eat what we want, how we want, whenever we want.I’m super appreciative of this fact and that is because if this enlightening project!

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