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Cultural Blog: Food and Rationing Instructions

A ration book with rations for a week, including four rashers of bacon, one egg and a quantity of sugar and fat Date: World War Two Source: unnamed photographer

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Due Date: by noon on 9/27/2017

For your first cultural blog post I want you to reflect on food and rationing in WWII Britain. To do this you will need to read a blog site on WWII cooking and recreate one of the dishes. You have 6 pages of authentic Ministry of Food recipes to choose from, so you should find something of interest. To complete this post, please do the following:

  1. Visit the website Recipes Past and Present and read through the six pages of rationing information and recipes in this section.
  2. Choose at least one recipe and document your process of making the dish with text and images (photographs, videos).
  3. Write a food blog on our class site that details your reason for choosing the recipe, your experience in making it, the end result, and what you learned about rationing from this exercise. Feel free to be creative here. This should be a fun assignment.
  4. You can see my sample blog post here.
  5. Remember to choose the “Food and Rationing” Category on the RHS of the screen. Also, be sure to choose an appropriate featured image so that we keep the aesthetics of our class site top notch.

Your response should be at least 500 words in length and include documentation (photographs, video, links, etc) of the cooking process and final result.

Note: While you do not need to pick a complicated recipe, you should pick an unusual one (e.g. NOT a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich or boiled peas, although you are welcome to do these as a side dish if you want to attempt more than one recipe). Your final score for this blog will be determined by your ability to follow the above directions, the quality of reflection, the aesthetics of the post, and your adventurousness in recipe choice.

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