Clothing, Hair, Makeup

Extra Credit Cultural Blog: Clothing, Hair, Makeup

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Due Date: by noon on 12/6/2017

For a possible 50 points of extra credit,  you can write/create a fourth cultural blog post on one item of clothing, hair, or makeup from WWII. You will want to be very narrow in your focus. For example, I would pick a topic of a similar size to: popular lipstick colors, nylon stockings, trends in male facial hair, etc. If you want to discuss your topic ahead of time, please email me.

To complete this assignment you should fully research one aspect of personal grooming and/or dress during the 1940s. As usual, you should look to historical sources such as academic articles and books, museum websites, and heavily researched blog sites. Your post should be at least 500 words in length for a shot at full points. If you want to approach this is a more creative way, please email me to discuss this. I am open to other ways of displaying your research.

Remember to choose the “Clothing, Hair, Makeup” Category on the RHS of the screen. Also, be sure to choose an appropriate featured image so that we keep the aesthetics of our class site top notch. Make sure this image isn’t too large. You want to play around with this to make sure the image sizes for our thumbnails stay the same.

Your final score for this blog will be determined by your ability to follow the above directions, the quality of the research, and the quality of writing/aesthetics of the post.

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